"Whole Genome Comparisons of Bacillus subtilis" - Ashlee Earl, Harvard University, @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

submitted by: JGI

Ashlee Earl (Harvard University) speaking at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting on March 26 with an introduction by Dan Rohksar.

"Plant Genomics Roadmap" - Jeff Dangl, Univ. of North Carolina, @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Jeff Dangl (Univ. of North Carolina) speaking at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting on March 25.

"Phylochip Analysis of Microbial Diversity" - Gary Andersen, LBNL @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

submitted by: JGI

Gary Andersen Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) presentation for DOE JGI '09 User Meeting on March 26, 2009, introduction by Len Pennacchio (JGI).

Snow Loop at Critical Zone Tree-1

submitted by: phartsough

This is a loop of images taken twice per day of a instrumented tree at the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory located in the Kings River Experimental Watershed. The loop shows snow accumulation and melt dynamics at the instrumented tree, CZT-1, a White Fir located at about 6500ft in the southern Sierras.

Carbonated Oceans

submitted by: ucsandiego

As carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere, about one-third of the excess is taken up by the oceans, where it converts to an acidic form with potentially dangerous ecosystem consequences.


Pressure bomb

submitted by: schulzbu
This video is a visual 10 step instruction manual how to use a pressure bomb for measuring water pressure in the xylem of transpiring leaves. It is geared towards undergraduate students working in plant physiology labs as well as viewers who are interested in plant biology. Water in the xylem is under negative pressure. This tension can be measured by a “pressure bomb”. Tension pressure in a non-transpiring leaf is “equivalent” to water potential of cells surrounding the xylem...