SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Stephen Self

submitted by: tcarrasc
Super-eruptions: Volcanic Activity with a Global Impact; Stephen Self, Volcano Dynamics Group, Department of Earth Science, The Open University, Senior Volcanologist, US NRC - Every now and again, Earth suffers from tremendous explosive volcanic eruptions, much bigger than those witnessed in modern times. Although the return period for such events is long, perhaps every 10-100,000 years depending on the size, it is statistically more likely that Earth will next experience a large...

Implementing Rainwater Harvesting: The City of San Diego's Efforts

submitted by: Elliot_Seeto

An investigation into what exactly the City of San Diego is doing regarding rainwater harvesting infrastructure.

Simon Prochnik on Naegleria gruberi at the DOE JGI

submitted by: JGI

Simon Prochnik spoke about the Naegleria gruberi genome project at the DOE JGI on February 3, 2010.

Greening the University

submitted by: jgrosvenor
The need for sustainability within the university has been apparent for some while now; however it is only recently that this need has been seriously addressed in campus planning. This paper investigates the various approaches to sustainable practices within the university, and further examines the specific challenges and obstacles to the implementation of these practices. Also explored is the new type of collaboration between the sustainability institute and campus planning departments...

Merging Fire Science with the Governance of San Diego's Wildland/Urban Interface

submitted by: wgodfrey

This presentation describes research that was conducted on the use of science in governing and planning San Diego's fire-prone Wildland/Urban Interface.