Biomimicry and the Built Environment

submitted by: Mearon

Biomimicry is a new science that links nature's best designs into human applications. It can be used to solve many problems which humans face in the fields of medicine, transportation, architecture and construction, energy, product design, computer science and network systems management. The science of biomimicry is a newly developing field but the application of biomimicry has been around since the beginning of man.

San Diego River Park and Its Efforts to Improve the Water Quality of the San Diego River

submitted by: BopGun86

By working with the San Diego River Park Foundation, I have done some research on the San Diego River to evaluate the extent that the river's water quality can be cleaned up to respectable levels. Right now, the River Park Foundation is in the process of making a fifty two mile long green belt along the river: in order for this to be come a reality, issues of water quality and cleanliness are a must.

Urban Natural Reserve Management: The Challenges of Balancing Human and Ecological Needs

submitted by: kheinema
Scripps Coastal Reserve (SCR), a marine and terrestrial ecosystem protected by the University of California, is home to several endangered and threatened native plant and animal populations. The Reserve is within walking distance of the University of California San Diego and is visited daily by walkers, runners and sightseers. Current research on the public's use of the area suggests that in the past decade, humans have been mistreating the space significantly with reports of vandalism,...

Erosive Behaviors of Mountain Bicyclists

submitted by: rmacfadyen

Erosive behaviors of mountain bicyclists and their impact of public open space; a case study of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

Factors For Successful Transit-Oriented Development in San Diego County

submitted by: mnegge
An interconnected, efficient, and expansive metropolitan rail system is a long-term goal for many urban areas and has become a fixed component of many metropolitan regional plans. This study aims to uncover the leading factors contributing to the success of transit-oriented development; specifically, what motivates residents to use the San Diego County Trolley. As the nature and availability of resources to maintain and develop the urban environment changes, the way city planners and...

Affordable Housing Gone Green

submitted by: kkle

The study of green affordable housing versus conventional affordable housing development in the City of Poway, California.