Space and Technology News Alerts Tutorial

submitted by: armccoy

A detailed explanation of what is the Space and Technology RSS feed application and how to use it.

The Cloudmakers

Biological activity in the oceans might make the difference between clear skies and cloudy, Scripps researchers say.

Saving Venice

The historic city calls upon Scripps and a multifaceted team of experts to help decipher the mysteries lying beneath its waters

CARLINK::UMA - TestA1 - JANE Simulation

submitted by: sebastian

VANET simulation by using JANE. The TestA1 consists of two cars moving in a straight line while transferring data from one to another. For more information, please visit CARLINK.

Acoustic Droplet Ejection

submitted by: J_Olechno

This animation explains how sound is used to move small volumes of liquid with high precision and accuracy.

Hubblecast 01: Hubble sees 'Comet Galaxy' being ripped apart by galaxy cluster

submitted by: spacetelescope

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, in collaboration with several other ground- and space-based telescopes, has captured a galaxy being ripped apart by a galaxy cluster's gravitational field and harsh environment. The finding sheds light on the mysterious process by which gas-rich spiral-shaped galaxies might evolve into gas-poor irregular- or elliptical-shaped galaxies over billions of years.