The 5th dimension

submitted by: akourakine

Introduction to the 5th dimension

D1.3.3.-v2-CARLINK::UMA scenario VanetMobiSim/ns2 Simulation

submitted by: jamal.toutouh

Simulation part of CARLINK PROJECT
Video about simulation results using VanetMobiSim/ns2 (TestB1)
- Jamal Toutouh -
Jamal Toutouh

D1.3.6.-v1-CARLINK::UMA multi-hop scenario VanetMobiSim/ns2 Simulation (Urban Test 1)

submitted by: jamal.toutouh

Video about simulation of a multi-hop scenario results using VanetMobiSim/ns2 (Urban Test 1)
--Jamal Toutouh--
Jamal Toutouh


A network devoted to recording the state of the oceans is nearing its full complement. Will it remain intact as its decades-long mission begins?

Public Scientific Data Talk at NC Science Blogging Conference

submitted by: jcbradley

Xan Gregg provides examples of studies where the absence of access to raw data has profound implications.

Open Notebook Science talk at 2008 NC Science Blogging Conference

submitted by: jcbradley

An overview of the role of blogging in the dissemination of primary research data in the UsefulChem project. Speaker: Jean-Claude Bradley.