Protein interaction networks - Prof. Yin Liu

submitted by: ralanharris

Inference of gene modules and protein interaction networks using using synthetic lethality method (e.g., Pan X et al, Cell 124 1069-1081, 2006) the yeast-two-hybrid method and homology with model organisms. Part of the Computer-Aided Discovery Methods course taught at Baylor College of Medicine.

Harmonic Cloud Patterns on Jupiter

submitted by: RayTomes

Regularly spaced clouds appear in Jupiter's belts, sometimes white spots and sometimes swirling waves. A polar projection of Jupiter, made by NASA from the 2000 flyby, allows accurate testing of the hypothesis that these waves form as predicted by the Harmonics Theory. It is found that expected strong harmonics 12, 24 and 72 are present.

Structural analysis of the evolution of steroid specificity in the mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors

submitted by: Michael Baker
Background The glucocorticoid receptor (GR) and mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) evolved from a common ancestor. Still not completely understood is how specificity for glucocorticoids (e.g. cortisol) and mineralocorticoids (e.g. aldosterone) evolved in these receptors. Results Our analysis of several vertebrate GRs and MRs in the context of 3D structures of human GR and MR indicates that with the exception of skate GR, a cartilaginous fish, there is a...
Authors: Michael e Baker, Charlie Chandsawangbhuwana, Noah Ollikainen

Computational Lab - Cristian Coarfa

submitted by: ralanharris

Expression profiles of osteosarcoma that can predict response to chemotherapy. Lab for the Computer-Aided Discovery Methods course taught at Baylor College of Medicine.

MSI-CIEC: Grids in Biology (Bioinformatics and Medicine)

submitted by: foxsdengcf

Nicolas Schork presents "Grids in Biology (Bioinformatics and Medicine)" at The Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute (MSICI2) Preliminary Program at the San Diego Supercomputing Center, University of California San Diego La Jolla, California | June 26-29, 2006

MSI-CIEC: Security and Grids

submitted by: foxsdengcf

Victor Hazelwood discusses "Security and Grids" at the Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute (MSICI2) Planning and Learning Meeting held at SDSC January 30-31 2006