ATP deficit in bipopulation tumour cord growth

submitted by: sast

Simulation of tumour cord growth where conversion of the tumour to glycolytic (anaerobic) metabolism takes place under hypoxia. This video shows evolution of the region where the aerobic cells suffer from hypoxia (ATP deficit) as well as the limit where the glycolytic cells start suffering too. This video reflects work in progress and may be different from the final results.

Computational Lab - Chris Miller

submitted by: ralanharris

The goal of this exercise is to show how we can relate the results of two independent gene expression datasets to each other. In the case where one dataset provides "transcriptional signatures" of known oncogenic pathways, we can get clues as to which oncogenic pathways may be represented within the results obtained from another dataset. Lab for the Computer-Aided Discovery Methods course taught at Baylor College of Medicine.

Intelligence crisis

submitted by: akourakine

Introduction to the scale-invariant organizational phenomenon termed "intelligence crisis".

CARLINK - First global presentation

submitted by: jamal.toutouh

First presentation about the CARLINK PROJECT. The main purpose is to develop an intelligent wireless traffic service platform between cars supported by wireless technologies (VANETs).
Author - Jamal Toutouh -
Jamal Toutouh

The 5th dimension

submitted by: akourakine

Introduction to the 5th dimension

D1.3.3.-v2-CARLINK::UMA scenario VanetMobiSim/ns2 Simulation

submitted by: jamal.toutouh

Simulation part of CARLINK PROJECT
Video about simulation results using VanetMobiSim/ns2 (TestB1)
- Jamal Toutouh -
Jamal Toutouh