Our First Sip of Seawater

Scripps researchers race to make desalination eco-friendly while there's still time

Komlan Glakpe

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Komlan Glakpe discusses his work and experience with networking administration training in Togo.

When it Comes to the Rat Genome, Bigger is Better

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The rat genome comes to life through the use of the Gviewer tool. This video will show you how to use this helpful tool within the RGD website at http://rgd.mcw.edu/ . Genes, QTLs, and species syntenies of interest can all be visualized with ease as the Gviewer zooms in and navigates through the rat genome with a few clicks. See our website at http://rgd.mcw.edu/ for more tools for rat researchers.

COSMOS Discovery Lecture: Think Parallel

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Jacobs School of Engineering associate dean Jeanne Ferrante talks about the challenge of paralllel computing to an audience of middle- and high-school students at UC San Diego, as part of the monthlong residential summer school in math, science and engineering - COSMOS. Ferrante is introduced by fellow associate dean Charles Tu.

wisskomm tv 26/08

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Diese Woche: Der Wissenschaftssommer in Leipzig und die Ergebnisse des Wettbewerbs " Wissenschaft Interaktiv " - Tag des Wissenschaftsjournalismus in Dieburg mit Live-Blog - Blog und Videos zur Nobelpreisträgertagung bei Scienceblogs.de - Das phyletische Museum in Jena - Das wissenschaftliche Newsportal e! Science News - Viele Klima-Kampagnen sind viel zu negativ, meint die britische Organisation "Nesta" - „PowerON und PowerOFF = Medienkompetenz?“ bei...

The Benefits of Making a SciVee Pubcast

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Helen Czerski discusses "The Benefits of Making a SciVee Pubcast"