COSMOS Discovery Lecture: Think Parallel

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Jacobs School of Engineering associate dean Jeanne Ferrante talks about the challenge of paralllel computing to an audience of middle- and high-school students at UC San Diego, as part of the monthlong residential summer school in math, science and engineering - COSMOS. Ferrante is introduced by fellow associate dean Charles Tu.

wisskomm tv 26/08

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Diese Woche: Der Wissenschaftssommer in Leipzig und die Ergebnisse des Wettbewerbs " Wissenschaft Interaktiv " - Tag des Wissenschaftsjournalismus in Dieburg mit Live-Blog - Blog und Videos zur Nobelpreisträgertagung bei - Das phyletische Museum in Jena - Das wissenschaftliche Newsportal e! Science News - Viele Klima-Kampagnen sind viel zu negativ, meint die britische Organisation "Nesta" - „PowerON und PowerOFF = Medienkompetenz?“ bei...

The Benefits of Making a SciVee Pubcast

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Helen Czerski discusses "The Benefits of Making a SciVee Pubcast"

A new shape for an old function: lasting effect of a physiologic surgical restoration of the left ventricle

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Background Long-term morphofunctional outcome may vary widely in surgical anterior left ventricular wall restoration, suggesting variability in post-surgical remodeling similar to that observed following acute myocardial infarction. The aim of this pilot study was to demonstrate that surgical restoration obtained with a particular shape of endoventricular patch leads to steady morphofunctional ventricular improvement when geometry, volume and residual akinesia can be restored as...
Authors: Marco Cirillo, Andrea Amaducci, Emmanuel Villa, Margherita dalla Tomba, Federico Brunelli, Zen Mhagna, Giovanni Troise, Eugenio Quaini

My Portfolio

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My Portfolio is a managed instance of the open source ePortfolio Mahara