West Nile Virus MWV19

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West Nile virus entered the United States in 1999 and is now considered a seasonal epidemic that starts in the summer and continues into the fall. First isolated in Uganda in 1937, the virus can cause severe human meningitis or encephalitis in 1% of those infected. In 2007 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported 124 fatalities. The rapid spread of West Nile virus has put local and state mosquito surveillance programs on the front line of public health and disease preparedness. In...

Green Commitment Boosts UCSD as National Sustainability Leader

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Talk by Chancellor Marye Anne Fox about UCSD Going Green

Space Explorer Anousheh Ansari

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Talk by Anousheh Ansari about her trip to space

A General Definition and Nomenclature for Alternative Splicing Events

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Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for the regulation of the transcriptome present in eukaryotic cells is one of the most challenging tasks in the postgenomic era. In this regard, alternative splicing (AS) is a key phenomenon contributing to the production of different mature transcripts from the same primary RNA sequence. As a plethora of different transcript forms is available in databases, a first step to uncover the biology that drives AS is to identify the different...
Authors: Michael Sammeth, Sylvain Foissac, Roderic Guigó

Elevator Physics

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Basic high school physics in an elevator

wisskomm tv 30/08

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Die letzte Ausgabe vor der Sommerpause: Darin ein Gespräch mit Sven Keßen ( Begrenzte Wissenschaft ) zum Thema Wissenschaftsblogs und Wissenschaftsjournalismus, der Website " Welt der Physik " und den US/LHC-Blogs - Weltraum satt: Die neue Website NASA Images - Die ersten Expeditionen des " Meereswettbewerbes " für Jugendliche - Eine Romanreihe von und für Wissenschaftler - Schlau werden durch Raps: Das Berliner Projekt Rapucation und der Large Hadron Rap aus...