BILD 1: Scientific FUNding

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BILD 1 Fall 2008
Rhianon Anderson
Joshua Darnell
Elmar Malek
Ned Premyodhin
Jenna Rosenblatt
Antonio Venegas

TA: Sarah, W 7pm.

Magnetic Warp (Singularity)

submitted by: SirZerp
This investigation describes and demonstrates a novel technique for the visualization of magnetic fields. Two ferrofluid Hele-Shaw cells have been constructed to facilitate the imaging of magnetic field lines. We deduce that magnetically induced photonic band gap arrays similar to electrostatic liquid crystal operation are responsible for the photographed images and seek to mathematically prove the images are of exact dipole nature. This is the ring magnet singularity version. All Rights...

Dr. Phil Bourne, Open Access Day 2008 address

submitted by: Phil

OA Content the Future of Scientific Publishing presentation by Phil Bourne at SPARC - Open Access Day 2008

Dr. Rich Roberts, Open Access Day 2008 address

submitted by: Phil

Nobel Laureate speaks about OA and the future of OA Publishing at SPARC - Open Access Day 2008

wisskomm tv 39/08

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"Ein Quantum Trost" im Observatorium: Das ESOcast des European Space Observatory - „ Mit Gruber im Labor “: Physik amüsant erklärt bei PM-online - Neue Ausstellung in Berlin: " Mathema " im Deutschen Technikmuseum - Braincast : Podcast von Arvid Leyh - Fachtagung zur Wissenschaftskommunikation in Wien: „ SciCom08 " - Virtuelle Rundreise: Ringvorlesung in Bielefeld mit Direktschaltung ins Labor - Fernsehen und Videos für (nicht nur) britische Lehrer:...

King Solomon's Mines Rediscovered?

submitted by: ucsandiego

Did the Bible’s King David and his son Solomon control the copper industry in present-day southern Jordan? Though that remains an open question, the possibility is raised once again by research reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.