wisskomm tv 33/08

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Diese Woche mit einer Sonderausgabe: Eindrücke und Interviews vom 1. Forum für Wissenschaftskommunikation in Bremerhaven: Ergänzende Informationen: Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut , die Expedition " Nordpol Driftstation NP-35 " und der Podcast dazu bei WDR 5 - Resumee eines Experiments: DFG ScienceTV - Das deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum - Kunst Und Wissenschaft: Die Kunst des Sammelns und die Gruppe " a rose is " - Unser Fundstück: Das BBC-Container-Projekt " The...

The Origins of Slime

Scripps graduate student investigates cause of mucilage outbreaks in her native Adriatic waters

The Ingredients for Life - On Earth & in Space

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We are all space travellers flying around the Sun at 107,000 km per hour. Our spaceship is the Earth and our bodies have evolved to live on this amazing craft. We now have the capability of leaving planet Earth. However, if man is to live in space and travel to other planets, we must learn how to survive for long periods of time out there; we have to recreate in space the vital ingredients for life on Earth. Future space vehicles and space habitats will need advanced life support...

wisskomm tv 32/08

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German vodcast about science communications. Uni-Bonn TV: Das erste Forschungs-Videoportal einer deutschen Hochschule - Sommerpause? Das ESO-Blog - „Reseach Blogging“ gibt es jetzt auch auf deutsch - WeiterGen! von Tobias Maier - "Schritte durch die Zeit" im Botanischen Garten Berlin - Faszination der Mineralien im Müritzeum - Das GLAST Prelude for Brass Quintet, Op.12 als Video bei YouTube und die Hintergrundinfos der Nasa dazu - Das "Chemikum" in Marburg - Der Astrobiology 2008-Rap...

The Singing Toxicologist

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He's been referred to as the "Elvis of E. coli", the "Sinatra of Salmonella," and in this episode of MicrobeWorld Video the "singing toxicologist." Whatever you call him, Carl Winter, Extension Food Toxicologist and Director of the FoodSafe Program at UC Davis, performs parodies of contemporary popular music by modifying lyrics to address food safety issues such as bacterial contamination, irradiation, biotechnology, government regulation, and pesticides. The goal of his songs is to provide...

Optimal Control of a High-Volume Assemble-to-Order System

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This talk was given by Amy R. Ward from the University of Southern California.

It was part of the 2008 Advanced Network Sciences Lecture Series held at Calit2.