wisskomm tv 32/08

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German vodcast about science communications. Uni-Bonn TV: Das erste Forschungs-Videoportal einer deutschen Hochschule - Sommerpause? Das ESO-Blog - „Reseach Blogging“ gibt es jetzt auch auf deutsch - WeiterGen! von Tobias Maier - "Schritte durch die Zeit" im Botanischen Garten Berlin - Faszination der Mineralien im Müritzeum - Das GLAST Prelude for Brass Quintet, Op.12 als Video bei YouTube und die Hintergrundinfos der Nasa dazu - Das "Chemikum" in Marburg - Der Astrobiology 2008-Rap...

The Singing Toxicologist

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
He's been referred to as the "Elvis of E. coli", the "Sinatra of Salmonella," and in this episode of MicrobeWorld Video the "singing toxicologist." Whatever you call him, Carl Winter, Extension Food Toxicologist and Director of the FoodSafe Program at UC Davis, performs parodies of contemporary popular music by modifying lyrics to address food safety issues such as bacterial contamination, irradiation, biotechnology, government regulation, and pesticides. The goal of his songs is to provide...

Optimal Control of a High-Volume Assemble-to-Order System

submitted by: alexmatthews

This talk was given by Amy R. Ward from the University of Southern California.

It was part of the 2008 Advanced Network Sciences Lecture Series held at Calit2.


wisskomm tv 31/08

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Trauerspiel: Der Large Hadron Collider in den Medien, speziell beim ZDF - Welt der Physik jetzt mit eigenem Podcast - Leider nicht so doll: Die erste Sendung " Abenteuer Forschung " mit Harald Lesch - Die Dokumentation " The Oil Crash " auf englisch im Web bei Google und auf deutsch als Kauf-DVD - Europäische Kunst: Das Michelangelo-Projekt - WiD-Forum in Bremerhaven: Wie kommuniziert man Wissenschaft? - Quantensprünge in Halle - Betonblätter als...

ES4FUN 2.3 - NanoteC08

submitted by: es4fun
ES4FUN is a Physics-driven educational project with the aim of spreading universal scientific concepts in a game context, with research high-tech and audio+video clip support Multitudinary interactive game was designed and implemented to spread the concepts structural organization, symmetries and feedback, which are relevant for nanotechnology. The clip has been made with the graphic material recorded during the NanoteC08 (26-30 August 2008, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)....

Gynecandrous - a video glossary component at the LSU Herbarium

submitted by: Timothy M. Jones

A video showing the gynecandrous condition of a spike; pistillate flowers distal, staminate flowers proximal. A useful diagnostic character for species determinations within the genus Carex.
The maturation sequence is included to show the progression over time within a gynecandrous spike.