An Overview of ChemSpider, A Structure Based Community for Chemists, and Chemmantis, a Markup System for Chemistry Documents

submitted by: AntonyWilliams

This is a presentation I gave at Drexel University regarding our development of the ChemSpider and ChemMantis platforms. ChemSpider is built with the intention of providing a structure centric community for chemists and ChemMantis is to mark up and integrate chemistry based documents to online resources.

Part II - Benefits of CSR & Design

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2 CSR BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY 2.1 Increase in Profits A report released by Goldman Sachs (GSSustain, 2007) on six industrial sectors – energy, mining, steel, food, beverages and media – found that companies considered leaders in implementing environmental, social and governance policies designed to create sustained competitive advantage had outperformed the overall stock market by 25 per cent since August 2005. Within their own sectors, 72 per cent of these leading companies had...
Authors: Aguinaldo dos Santos, Carlo Vezzoli, Sara Cortesi

ES4FUN 2.4 - Translation Symmetry

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ES4FUN is a Physics-driven educational project with the aim of spreading universal scientific concepts in a game context, with research high-tech and audio+video clip support Multitudinary interactive game was designed and implemented to illustrate translation symmetry. The clip has been made with the help of Introductory Physics students from both Sea and Environmental Science degrees at the University of Cadiz

Host-Pathogen Interaction and Human Disease: Part 1: What is a Pathogen? Trying to Understand Human Biology by the Study of Pathogenic Bacteria (37:48)

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Ninety percent of the cells humans carry are microbes. Only a few of the bacteria we encounter are pathogenic and can cause disease. Pathogens possess the inherent ability to cross anatomic barriers or breach other host defenses that limit the microbes that make up our normal flora. A significant part of human evolution has gone into developing ways to thwart microbial intrusion. In turn, microbes have come up with clever ways to avoid and circumvent host defenses but human — microbe...

BILD1: a message to the president- the bonkuisha hour

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BILD1 Fall 2008, Derrick Shen, Arian Saki, Linus Liu, Kristen Lednovich, Akshay Chaudhari, Dulce Santacruz-rivera, Friday 12pm-12:50pm, TA: Maria Sisneroz.

Rising Tide

It’s not the extra few feet of water that make sea level rise so dangerous. It’s the extra few feet during a storm during El Niño during high tide, say researchers.