Cash and in-kind transfers in poor rural communities in Mexico increase household fruit, vegetable, and micronutrient consumption but also lead to excess energy consumption

submitted by: jefleroy
Conditional transfer programs are increasingly popular, but the impact on household nutrient consumption has not been studied. We evaluated the impact of the Programa de Apoyo Alimentario (PAL), a cash and in-kind transfer program, on the energy and nutrient consumption of poor rural households in Mexico. The program has been shown to reduce poverty. Beneficiary households received either a food basket (including micronutrient-fortified milk) or cash. A random sample of 206 rural...
Authors: Jef l Leroy

Used Cars Ottawa - Trans Canadian Logistical Science

submitted by: stella_ottawa

Used cars Ottawa; how do we safely and securely ship our new or used car to our home destination can help you find out how?

Uniqueness, Self Belonging and Intercourse in Nature-New Version

submitted by: hsrikm
Biological organization is discussed within a holistic framework . A new orientation is presented of natural processes with an approach in model construction that is focused strictly on physical form and centered away from abstractions that escape the perceptual senses, lead towards the postulation of non-verifiable and non-witnessible entities. A universal construction composed of first perspective representations of path, witness as unique loci in volumes of space delineated as...

What Happened? Are We Asking or Telling?

submitted by: hsrikm
A conceptual parallel is created between studies in anthropology and natural science. A space occupied by “the conceptualization” is argued to not only parallel symbolically the scientifically conceived value of volume as space, but to have an equal meaning- the spaces of the conceptual ordering of nature as manifestations of energy are held to be paralleling manifestations of the same energies that mold the environment. A growing historical asceticism attributed to the individual...

Jeremy Schmutz on the soybean genome

submitted by: JGI

Jeremy Schmutz, a faculty investigator at the Alabama-based HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and first author of the paper on the soybean genome sequence published in the January 14, 2010 issue of the journal Nature, discusses the project in this complement to the DOE Joint Genome Institute's news release (

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo : Metal Framework & Lifting Clasps Seen in Disney's Fake Moon Rocks in the Nevada Fake Moon Bay

submitted by: ArcAngel4Myke
Metal Framework & Lifting Clasps Seen in Disney's Fake Moon Rocks in the Nevada Fake Moon Bay. The NASA photos as you see them, can be downloaded from NASA's Apollo Image Gallery: Classical music in this video is copyright free public domain, available to download and use from: DanseBaccanale ALL NASA PHOTOS USED IN THIS VIDEO ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED...