Greening the University

submitted by: jgrosvenor
The need for sustainability within the university has been apparent for some while now; however it is only recently that this need has been seriously addressed in campus planning. This paper investigates the various approaches to sustainable practices within the university, and further examines the specific challenges and obstacles to the implementation of these practices. Also explored is the new type of collaboration between the sustainability institute and campus planning departments...

Cultural Economics in Southern California

submitted by: cfleisch

Understanding the economic effects of cultural investments

Examining 'Food Culture' for Grassroots Mobilization

submitted by: rlee

My postercast provides an overview of my thesis on the food culture of City Heights, which includes the purpose of my research, findings/analysis, and an explanation to how the knowledge that is gathered from my thesis could contribute to grassroots mobilization.

Cell Counting (Suspension cell)

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - Hemocytometer or Cell Counting Chamber is frequently used to count cell numbers such as blood count and sperm count in clinical labs, and cell density of cultured cells in research labs. The counting of suspension is simple: cells are mixed with a dye (Trypan Blue), loaded onto a hemocytometer and then counted under a microscope. For more videos, visit Abnova!

Sandwich ELISA

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - The Sandwich ELISA measures the amount of analyte between capture antibody and detection antibody. The analyte needs to have two different epitope sites available for antibody binding. For more videos, visit Abnova!

Dot Blot

submitted by: abnova
Abnova - Dot blot is a technique can be used as a semiqualitative method for rapid screening of a large number of samples. It is for detecting, analyzing, and identifying proteins, similar to the western blot technique but differing in that protein samples are not separated electrophoretically but are spotted through circular templates directly onto the membrane. For more videos, visit Abnova !