Calcium Phosphate Transfection

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Abnova - Calcium phosphate transfection method is a simple, time efficient and relatively inexpensive way to introduce DNA into cells in stable cell lines such as HEK293T, CHO and BHK cells. This method works best in cell lines that are highly transformed and adherent and this technique requires few manipulative steps and maintains high levels of reproducibility from experiment to experiment. More videos, visit Abnova !

Integra CL350 Cell Cultivation

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Abnova - The CELLine bioreactor is a disposable, two-compartment cultivation device suitable for many cell culture applications. There are two sizes of the CELLine, CL350 and CL 1000. We use CL350 to produce monoclonal antibodies on a laboratory scale. More videos at Abnova!

Sandwich ELISA-Isotype Detection

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Abnova - Sandwich ELISA is performed to measure the amount and serological class of antibodies made by an immunized animal or present in the serum of patients. Anti-immunoglobulin antibodies is used as the specific and sensitive agents of detection. More videos at Abnova!


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Abnova - Biological materials often are dried to stabilize them for storage or distribution. Lyophilization also called freeze-drying, is one method of drying biological materials that minimizes damage to its internal structure. More videos at Abnova For more videos, visit Abnova!

Rotary Microtome Section

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Abnova - Rotary microtome is an instrument used to cut the blocks of tissue embedded in paraffin into micro fine slices (known as sections). Microtome is an important device in microscopy preparation, allowing for the preparation of samples for observation under transmitted light or electron radiation. For more videos, visit Abnova!

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronaut says "Walt Disney and I'm on Their Surface" in The Nevada Fake Moon Bay

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Astronaut says "Walt Disney and I'm on Their Surface" in The Nevada Fake Moon Bay This Video As You Hear & See it, From Disney Faking & Shaping The Memory with NASA Public Domain Video in: For All Mankind (1989) NASA did redacted editing & cleaning up of the text, to cover what they really said in the written records of the Astronauts conversations. ALL NASA FOOTAGE USED IN THIS VIDEO IS PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF...