The 5th dimension

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Introduction to the 5th dimension

Emperors of the Extreme

Emperor penguins can flourish in locales where few other animals roam. But scientists now wonder if they can adapt to a new threat: climate change.

Food Insufficiency Is Associated with High-Risk Sexual Behavior among Women in Botswana and Swaziland

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Background Both food insufficiency and HIV infection are major public health problems in sub-Saharan Africa, yet the impact of food insufficiency on HIV risk behavior has not been systematically investigated. We tested the hypothesis that food insufficiency is associated with HIV transmission behavior. Methods and Findings We studied the association between food insufficiency (not having enough food to eat over the previous 12 months) and inconsistent...
Authors: Sheri d Weiser, Karen Leiter, David r Bangsberg, Lisa m Butler, Fiona percy-de Korte, Zakhe Hlanze, Nthabiseng Phaladze, Vincent Iacopino, Michele Heisler

Personalized Medicine Symposium at SfN

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Symposium on:
Brain-related Personalized Medecine
Held at Society for Neuroscience, 2007


A network devoted to recording the state of the oceans is nearing its full complement. Will it remain intact as its decades-long mission begins?

Basic Programming in a Scripting Language (Part 2) - Andrew Jackson

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An introduction to the Ruby language for the Computer-Aided Discovery Methods course taught at Baylor College of Medicine.