Sex Differences in Math-Intensive Fields

submitted by: stevececi
Despite impressive employment gains in many fields of science, women remain underrepresented in fields requiring intensive use of mathematics. Here we discuss three potential explanations for women’s underrepresentation: (a) male–female mathematical and spatial ability gaps, (b) sex discrimination, and (c) sex differences in career preferences and lifestyle choices. Synthesizing findings from psychology, endocrinology, sociology, economics, and education leads to the conclusion that,...
Authors: Stephen Ceci, Wendy Williams

His-tagged Protein Purification

submitted by: abnova
( ) - Proteins with histidine tag can be purified and detected easily because the string of histidine residues binds to several types of immobilized metal ions, including nickel, cobalt and copper, under specific buffer conditions. This video provides generic protocol to purify 6xHis-tagged protein by Nickel nitrilotriacetic (Ni-NTA) sepharose. More videos at Abnova !

Gene ORF Finder

submitted by: abnova

( ) - ORF Finder identifies all possible ORFs in a DNA sequence by locating the standard and alternative stop and start codons. The deduced amino acid sequences can then be used to BLAST against GenBank. More videos at Abnova!

Cell Counting - Cellometer®

submitted by: abnova

( ) - The Nexcelom Bioscience Cellometer® is a simple to use, automated cell counter designed to improve accuracy and repeatability. You just pipette 20µL of sample, insert the slide and click count. Cell Concentration, cell size and viability are displayed in less than 30 seconds. More videos at Abnova.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer - Nanodrop®

submitted by: abnova

( ) - The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop® is a full-spectrum spectrophotometer that measures 1 ul samples with high accuracy and reproducibility. It utilizes a sample retention technology that eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and allows for clean up in seconds. More videos at Abnova.

DNA Gel Preparation

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - Agarose gel electrophoresis is a method used to separate a mixed population of DNA or RNA fragments by length. This video shows you how to prepare the agarose gel. More videos at Abnova.