LB Medium Preparation

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - LB broth is used for maintaining and cultivating recombinant strains of Escherichia coli. The ingredients of LB broth are tryptone, yeast extract and Sodium Chloride. We show you how to prepare the LB medium. More videos at Abnova !

Protemist® DT II - Automated Protein Synthesizer

submitted by: abnova
Abnova - Protemist® DT II is a new generation, fully automated, robotic desktop protein synthesize. It synthesizes protein of interest using wheat germ cell-free system and through bi-layer reaction. Protemist® DT II can run two scales of transcription and translation reactions; either 1.2 ml or 6 ml. It is an expert system in transcription, translation, and purification. More videos at Abnova !

Micropipet Calibration

submitted by: abnova
Abnova - Micropipettes are used to accurately measure and dispense small volumes of liquid. The capacity of a micropipette can range from less than 1μl to 1000μl (1ml). To ensure that obtained results using micropipette are reliable, it is necessary to calibrate micropipettes several times a year. This video shows a method for testing the accuracy of automatic micropipettes. More videos at Abnova !

Precipitor™ Installation

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - Precipitor™ system, an automated magnetic bead platform for high throughput precipitation and purification of proteins. We show you how to install Precipitor™ software, AutoMag, and how to modify the parameters easily. More videos at Abnova !

pH-meter calibration

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the pH of a liquid. For very precise work the pH meter should be calibrated before each measurement. Calibration is performed with three standard buffer solutions (pH4.0, pH7.0, pH10.0) that span the range of pH values to be measured. More videos at Abnova !

Electrodynamic Space Thruster

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

Propulsion System
using a
Phase-shifted Array of Transverse Impulse Drive