Protemist DTII® - Operation

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - Protemist® DT II is a new generation, fully automated, robotic desktop protein synthesize. It synthesizes protein of interest using wheat germ cell-free system and through bi-layer reaction. We show you the reagents preparation and how to operate the machine step by step. More videos at Abnova.

Emulsification (CFA and IFA)

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Abnova - Emulsification is a process to mix adjuvants and immunogen. Adjuvants are mixed and injected with an antigen to prevent catabolism and help increase the immune response by localizing the antigen for an extended time and attracting the appropriate cells (T cells, B cells and APC) to interact with it. More videos at Abnova.

Serial Dilution

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Abnova - A serial dilution is a series of simple dilutions which amplifies the dilution factor quickly beginning with a small initial quantity of material. The dilution factor at each step is constant, resulting in a geometric progression of the concentration in a logarithmic fashion. More videos at Abnova.

Gene Map Viewer

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Abnova - Map Viewer allows you to view and search complete genome of an organism, display chromosome maps, and zoom into progressively greater levels of detail, down to the sequence data for a region of interest. More videos at Abnova.

Gene Homology

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Abnova - HomoloGene database identifies homologs among the annotated genes of more than a dozen completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes using an automated procedure. It can find gene homologs (paralogs, orthologs, homologs) based on protein sequence similarity and access pre-computed multiple alignments of homologous proteins. More videos at Abnova.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 11 Song : "It is All Walt Disney Bullshit"

submitted by: ArcAngel4Myke
Apollo 11 Song- "It is All Walt Disney Bullshit" This Video As You Hear & See it, From NASA's Public Domain Movie: Apollo 11: For All Mankind (1969) NASA did redacted editing & cleaning up of the text, to cover what they really said in the written records of the Astronauts conversations. ALL NASA FOOTAGE USED IN THIS VIDEO IS PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL...