From Block Codes to Convolutional Codes, Subspace Codes and Grassmannians

submitted by: UP Los Baños
Documentation of the special lecture on "From Block Codes to Convolutional Codes, Subspace Codes and Grassmannians" by Dr. Virgilio P. Sison, Director of the Institute of Mathematical Science and Physics, College of Arts and Science, UPLB last March 21, 2013 at the Mathematics Building, UPLB, College, Laguna. In his talk, constructions of distance-optimal systematic unit-memory convolutional codes from linear block codes over finite semi-local rings were discussed. Secondly, the...

MyCloud portlet under CLEVER

submitted by: ricsxn

Example of MyCloud portlet usage under CLEVER Cloud management system


submitted by: icamvid


JAMIA Webinar - 2013

submitted by: Jamia

March 2013, JAMIA Webinar. Presenter: Griffin Weber,MD. CIO of Harvard Medical School

Geomapping reveals environmental influence on behaviors and cancer risk

submitted by: mdanderson

In her research, Lorraine Reitzel, Ph.D., uses geographic information systems technology, with the help of Seann Regan, to obtain information about a geographic area. This allows her to better understand why people engage in certain behaviors and how their environment impacts health and cancer risk.

Information Visualization for Medical Informatics

submitted by: Milan

Presentation as part of the NLP Temporal Reasoning Journal Club