Computation Enabling Bio-Science & Engineering

submitted by: SDSC

Prof. Andy McCammon, Biochemistry, UCSD discusses "Computation Enabling Bio-Science & Engineering" at the Cyberinfrastructure Experiences for Graduate Students Spring Orientation Workshop in 2007. For more information see:

Cross Layer Identity Management

submitted by: Hasan
This video addresses the problem of today's Internet users who have to pass several authentication and authorization procedures in the usage of Internet services, due to the fact that services consumed require involvement of different service providers. Such a situation exists in a Virtual Organization environment. This video presents the state of the art in federated identity management, the need for cross layer identity management, and approaches followed within the Akogrimo project. This...


submitted by: Hasan

This video presents Session Initiation Protocol and its usage in the Next Generation Grid to support user-, device- and session-mobility for accessing web services.

MDVO Concept

submitted by: Hasan

This video presents the concept of a mobile dynamic virtual organization (MDVO) in the framework of Next Generation Grid and its application to scenarios and business models.

Vision and Challenges

submitted by: Hasan

This video presents the history of Grid development, an overview of the European Union Akogrimo research project, its visions and challenges in the development of a Next Generation Grid.

Genome Variation Server Introduction

submitted by: OpenHelix

This is an introduction to the Genome Variation Server at the University of Washington sponsored by GVS. You can get more freely available training materials on GVS including a longer introductory tutorial (40 minutes), slides, handouts and exercises at OpenHelix GVS Tutorial or visit the resource at GVS