Virtual Reality Scientist - Profiles of Scientists and Engineers

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What's it really like to be an engineer or a scientist? What do they really do all day? You're about to find out! Meet the next generation of engineers and scientists in these profiles of young professionals, who may just inspire you to join them. Jurgen Schulze is creating whole new worlds -- virtual worlds, that is! Find out what it's like to be a virtual reality scientist.

TLL AU ICT Design Workshop Project - Digital Musical Instrument SaReGaMa

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Student Team6. Design project is a digital musical instrument with black&white keyboard and increasing tones.
Key technologies are
Human Interface -QVGA LCD Display, Touch Screen
Audio - Signal generation
Embedded Processing - RISC processor
Computing - realtime C language program

SWIB-12 panel discussion

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panel discussion
Panel Discussion: Standards, Services and Tools for Building a LOD Ecology – What We got & What We Need

20121211 - Protein Prediction 2 - Burkhard Rost - SNP effect 2

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Date: 20121211
Course: Protein Prediction 2
Title: SNP effect 2
Speaker: Burkhard Rost

SWIB12- Linked Open Library Data in Practice

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Linked Open Library Data in
Practice: Lessons Learned
and Opportunities for data.
Romain Wenz, Bibliothèque
nationale de France