submitted by: naomix

What happens when dry ice and water combine in a water bottle? Water shoots out at high speeds!

Dry Ice Fountain

submitted by: L3ahLov3ly

In this video we made a fountain using dry ice, water, and soap.

Dry Ice Ring Demo

submitted by: Owen Jones

How to make dry ice rings.

Dry Ice Crystal Ball

submitted by: michaelscullen

In this demonstration, there is a step by step instructions on how to make a dry ice crystal ball.

Bringing Out the Scientist in Students

submitted by: ucsandiego
UC San Diego has launched a new and innovative program that pairs high school teachers with graduate students. The pairs will be working hand in hand in high school classrooms during the school year. The hope is that the grad students will inspire high schoolers to study science down the road. The grad students also will share their knowledge of ground-breaking science with teachers, who in turn will share classroom management tips. The Socrates Fellows Program was funded by a $3 million...

Magnetic Warp (Hypotrochoid)

submitted by: SirZerp
This investigation describes and demonstrates a novel technique for the visualization of magnetic fields. Two ferrofluid Hele-Shaw cells have been constructed to facilitate the imaging of magnetic field lines. We deduce that magnetically induced photonic band gap arrays similar to electrostatic liquid crystal operation are responsible for the photographed images and seek to mathematically prove the images are of exact dipole nature. This is the hypotrochoid ring magnet version, and the...