Investigating Structure Variation of Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Improving energy density, power density, cycle life and safety and decreasing cost of current Li-ion batteries are highly desirable for the applications of advanced portable electronic devices, electrical tools, electrical vehicles, storage batteries for renewable energy, and stationary batteries for smart grids. Understanding lithium storage mechanism and structure-property relationship across length scales are essential for rational design of new materials. Here we report our...

Rapid LC-MS Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Pesticides in Food Matrix

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Charles Yang presents his scientific poster on automated qualitative analysis with enhanced data quality. Using these selective and sensitive methods can provide data for non-targeted, retrospective data analysis without intensive work using a Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Benchtop Orbitrap Platform.

Plasma-free Metanephrines Quantitation with Automated Online Sample Preparation and a LC/MS Method

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Xiang (Kevin) He presents his scientific poster about a fast, automated and analytically sensitive LC-MS/MS method developed to quantify plasma metanephrines with significantly simplified sample preparation procedure by using Thermo Scientific TurboFlow™ Technology.

New NanoESI Source for Increased NanoLC-MS Performance in a Plug-and-Spray Configuration

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Reiko Kiyonami presents her scientific poster about the performance of a new nanospray ion source for increased NanoLC-MS performance with the Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray column, a plug-and-spray configuration. Excellent chromatographic separation with ultra-sharp peaks were achieved, as well as retention-time reproducibility observed over a wide range of flow rates and column temperatures, highlighting the robustness, sensitivity and stability of the system.

Increasing Speed of UHPLC-MS Analysis of Vitamin D for Research Use

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Sarah Fair presents her scientific poster about removing manual pipetting from the analysis of vitamin D metabolites, testosterone and cortisol using the accuracy and precision of the Thermo Scientific Platemate Pipetting Workstation. Using the automated system offered significant time savings and passed all acceptance criteria for the compounds tested.

Online SPE-LC-APCI-MS/MS for the Determination of Steroidal Hormones in Water

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Paul Fayad presents his scientific poster about the online SPE-LC-APCI-MS/MS for the determination of steroidal hormones in water using the Thermo Scientific mass spectrometer for a fast and sensitive method allowing the simultaneous determination of 8 selected steroid hormones in water matrices.