Batteries for Hybridization and Electrification of Vehicles

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Summary: More than 30% of US energy and 90% of oil consumption are used for roadway transportation. Hybridization and electrification of vehicles on roadways are considered as major strategies for reducing dependence on oil and greenhouse gas and meeting the aggressive fuel economy standards. Hybridization of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles with motors run on electricity from batteries can significantly improve fuel efficiency while electrocution allows switch of the fuel to...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Christopher Binter

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Implementation of the Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers Model to Study Reservoir Temperature Evolution during CO2 Injection Christopher Binter M.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Dr. Kathryn Thorbjarnarson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT A comprehensive one-dimensional numerical heat transfer module has been implemented into an existing reactive transport modeling application to study...

Excitons and Plasmons in Nanoscale Systems

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Summary: Due to growing populace and standard of living, many terawatts of energy will be needed in the near future. The sun is the largest source of carbon-neutral and renewable energy that we have available and it is the only source that can provide terawatts of energy without depleting rapidly or causing major environmental and climate concerns. To fulfill this role, revolutionary approaches to solar energy conversion are needed that provide energy at very high efficiency at very low...

Rotational Kinetic Energy as Power System Service: Assessing The Role of Wind Farms

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Summary: The electric power system is currently composed of generators with large spinning masses whose speeds are tightly coupled together. These masses offer a store of rotational kinetic energy that naturally gives inertia to the average speed of the system. This inertia offers a first line of defense that is tapped during sudden power imbalances. Installing a large fleet of wind farms will result in hours of the year when many traditional generators are turned off. The result may be a...


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Introduction to the Quertle biomedical literature search engine

The Tranche data repository: Progress made and lessons learned from 24.4 TB of data, 1,612 users and 12,458 depositions.

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ABSTRACT High-throughput data production in proteomics and other post-genome disciplines has resulted in many data sharing, annotation, and dissemination challenges. Successful systems require as much thought and effort be put into the social aspects of engineering as the software side. Close relationships with data generators and users are crucial as is the recognition that development of a database to support a static field is quite different from research fields where the data types,...