SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Christopher Binter

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Implementation of the Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers Model to Study Reservoir Temperature Evolution during CO2 Injection Christopher Binter M.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Dr. Kathryn Thorbjarnarson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT A comprehensive one-dimensional numerical heat transfer module has been implemented into an existing reactive transport modeling application to study...

Excitons and Plasmons in Nanoscale Systems

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Due to growing populace and standard of living, many terawatts of energy will be needed in the near future. The sun is the largest source of carbon-neutral and renewable energy that we have available and it is the only source that can provide terawatts of energy without depleting rapidly or causing major environmental and climate concerns. To fulfill this role, revolutionary approaches to solar energy conversion are needed that provide energy at very high efficiency at very low...


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Introduction to the Quertle biomedical literature search engine

Io sono Einstein, Albert Einstein

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Nel cortometraggio "Io sono Einstein, Albert Einstein" viene raccontata la vita di un ragazzo di questo secolo (Abert) che riesce con la sua bravura a creare delle armi fortissime in grado di distruggere la città. Saranno però due amici a fargli cambiare idea e a fargli capire l'importanza e la bellezza della vita.

Investigating Structure Variation of Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Improving energy density, power density, cycle life and safety and decreasing cost of current Li-ion batteries are highly desirable for the applications of advanced portable electronic devices, electrical tools, electrical vehicles, storage batteries for renewable energy, and stationary batteries for smart grids. Understanding lithium storage mechanism and structure-property relationship across length scales are essential for rational design of new materials. Here we report our...

Fish kill: Causes, control and impact mitigation

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Documentation of the seminar on by Dr. Carlito R. Barril, Retired Professor of Chemistry of the University of the Philippines Los Baños during the Special Seminar on Fishkill last August 24, 2012 at the UPLB Operations Room, AG Samonte Hall, UPLB.