Power of Green - Partners Video Magazine

submitted by: csrees

UC-Berkeley is unlocking the chemical power of green algae for clean hydrogen fuel that eliminates air-polluting fossil fuels in its production. Power of Green is a segment from Partners Video Magazine's latest episode, Fueling America. To view the entire episode visit: http://www.csrees.usda.gov/newsroom/partners/partners.html

Orchidaceae Morphology: Oncidium cultivar

submitted by: Timothy M. Jones

Orchid morphology of Oncidium. Structures labeled include: petals; sepals; callus; column; column wings; stigma; pollinia and anther cap. Includes a dissection that removes the anther cap to expose the pollinia.

Cancer Biology - Prof. Ching Lau (Part 1)

submitted by: ralanharris

Prof. Ching Lau lectures on cancer biology: Cancer as a genetic disease; Mutations and repair; Environmental interactions and cancer. Part of the Computer Aided Discovery Methods course offered at Baylor College of Medicine

Stability of response characteristics of a Delphi panel: application of bootstrap data expansion

submitted by: rakins
Background Delphi surveys with panels of experts in a particular area of interest have been widely utilized in the fields of clinical medicine, nursing practice, medical education and healthcare services. Despite this wide applicability of the Delphi methodology, there is no clear identification of what constitutes a sufficient number of Delphi survey participants to ensure stability of results. Methods The study analyzed the response characteristics...
Authors: Ralitsa b Akins, Homer Tolson, Bryan r Cole

Obtaining SNPs from UCSC Table Browser

submitted by: OpenHelix

A quick tip of the week on how to obtain a list of SNPs and data for a gene of interest quickly from the UCSC Table Browser

Dr. Klaus Reichert: Okkulte Neurologie? Teil 1 von 2

submitted by: Hoffstadt

A lecture by Dr. Klaus Reichert on Occult Neurology. Part 1 of 2.Vortrag