Microbe Lab (MWV13)

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
MicrobeWorld visits the Marian Koshland Science Museum for “Microbe Lab,” a free day of activities for the general public. In this episode we interview Erika Shugart, deputy director of the Koshland Museum, about “Microbe Lab” and the Crack Koshie’s Curious Case: A Disease Detective Mission activity. Next, we talk with Nagla Fetouh, Education Program Manager for the Koshland Museum, who led a disease exchange activity that teaches people about ways to control the spread of...

Intelligence crisis

submitted by: akourakine

Introduction to the scale-invariant organizational phenomenon termed "intelligence crisis".

End Sequence Profiling Computational Lab - Oliver Hampton

submitted by: ralanharris
Computational laboratory: Starting from a set of breast cancer BACs (bacterial artificial chromosomes) End Sequence Profiling (ESP) is performed. ESP analysis sequences the ends of insert DNA in order to characterize genomic rearrangements that may be involved in breast cancer progression. In this study, genomic rearrangements are characterized from 100 breast cancer BACs and 10,000 Fosmids (derived from a pool of the 100 originating BAC) using ESP. Analysis and comparison of both BAC and...

3D-Darstellung des terminalen Bronchialbaums

submitted by: habi

Vortrag über meine Arbeit der letzten Monate am Tag der Anatomie 2008
Talk about my recent work at the "Tag der Anatomie 2008", an inhouse talk-session.

wisskomm wochenschau 4/08

submitted by: wisskomm
German vodcast about science communications. Diese Woche: Der Astrophysiker Harald Lesch wird Moderator bei ZDF, Joachim Bublath geht. Im März werden neue Folgen von Alpha Centauri produziert - die alten Folgen gibt es bei stage6 oder auf DVD . Diskussion per Webcam: Der "Science Saturday" bei bloggingheads.tv . Für Jugendliche gibt es den Meereswettbewerb 2008 auf dem Forschungsschiff Aldebaran. Stifterverband: Exzellenzinitiative für die Lehre ausgeschrieben. Zwei Preise für...

The Keeling Curve Turns 50

The inception of the "Keeling Curve," a history of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, marked a key moment in American science history. The record began in March, 1958 at a small observatory on the top of Hawaii's Mauna Loa.