Dr. Klaus Reichert: Ein halbiertes Antlitz (1991)

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Vortrag von Dr. med. Klaus Reichert: "Ein halbiertes Antlitz", 1991.

Follow the Water

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Developed as part of the CUAHSI Watershed Media Project.

MicrobeWorld Video Ep. 11 - The Maloy Lab

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MicrobeWorld visits The Maloy Lab at San Diego State University to talk with Professor Stanley Maloy and three grad students, Dave Matthews, Gerardo Perez and Veronica Casas, about their research. The Maloy Lab focuses on the genetics and physiology of Salmonella and bacteriophage that infect Salmonella. Maloy and his students use a combination of genetic, molecular, biochemical, and genomic approaches to answer questions about the uptake of DNA from bacteriophage, transfer of genes...

Forsyth Tech CC Demand Driven Biotech Program

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A video diary of how Forsyth Tech Community College developed a demand driven biotech curriculum to respond to the needs of local industry. Forsyth Tech is one of 5 centers of expertise that make up the National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce. The video was produced by SLAM, Inc.

Screening at a Glance

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Harvard Univ. screening video by Bridgett Wagner Music by Brian Syrjala & Jimmy Fox

A semaphorin code defines subpopulations of spinal motor neurons during mouse development.

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In the spinal cord, motor neurons (MNs) with similar muscle targets and sensory inputs are grouped together into motor pools. To date, relatively little is known about the molecular mechanisms that control the establishment of pool-specific circuitry. Semaphorins, a large family of secreted and cell surface proteins, are important mediators of developmental processes such as axon guidance and cell migration. Here, we used mRNA in situ hybridization to study the expression patterns of...
Authors: Henderson Ce, Mann F., Rougon G, Livet J, Funkelstein L, Cohen S, Castellani V