Systems as the Driver for Synthetic Biology

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We now possess the ability to read and write DNA. These tools are not only revolutionizing biotechnology but also the basic life sciences as well. The challenge is that we are still learning the grammar. In other words, we often do not know which genetic perturbations to make in order to alter the behavior of an organism. As a result, synthetic biology still involves much trial and error. Moreover, we are still far from the point where we can engineer new organisms from scratch – rather,...

20121218 - Protein Prediction 2 - Andrea Schafferhans - Enzymes

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Date: 20121218
Course: Protein Prediction 2
Title: Enzymes
Speaker: Andrea Schafferhans

MWV Episode 66 - Curtis Suttle: Marine Virology

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In MicrobeWorld Video episode 66 Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Curtis Suttle, Professor of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Microbiology & Immunology, and Botany, and Associate Dean of Science University of British Columbia. Dr. Suttle is one of the World's leading marine virologists, and is among a small group of researchers that is credited with launching the field of marine virology. Dr. Maloy talks with Dr. Suttle about the incredible diversity of the ocean's microscopic inhabitants that...

Aptamer Data from Base Pair Biotechnologies

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Aptamers have until recently been tightly held by IP restrictions, Base Pair Biotechnologies Founder Bill Jackson presents information and data they have generated on aptmers in diverse assays such as biosensor and lateral flow. Presentation is from the American Society for Cell Biology meeting Dec 16, 2012

biosights: Decemeber 24, 2012 - Global sourcing for cytokinetic ring assembly

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At the end of cytokinesis, the microtubule-rich midbody connecting the daughter cells is either shed into the extracellular space or retained by one of the daughters. Chai et al. find that the midbodies released from C. elegans Q neuroblasts are cleared via a pathway that closely mimics the removal of apoptotic cell corpses. This biosights episode presents the paper by Chai et al. from the December 24, 2012 issue of The Journal of Cell Biology and includes an interview with senior author...


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Introductions to the EPICO 2012 Workshop