Silicon Nanowire Nucleation

submitted by: Seyet

This is an animation to accurately depict results of Eric Stach's (Purdue University) research on the nucleation kinetics of Si nanowires. The visualization shows other scientists how the graph and equations drive the interaction.

The (Ralph) Keeling Curve

After two decades watching atmospheric oxygen levels drop, a Scripps researcher's conclusions about climate could leave one feeling light-headed

Second Century of Discovery

An introduction to the history and science of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen

submitted by: andrewsun

Describe some interesting properties in cryogenic gas.

Magic Superglue Demo

submitted by: CSUSTAN-CISL

Glue a beaker to a board by putting the endothermic glue inside the beaker. (0:57 min)

Lighting a Bunsen Burner (& blooper)

submitted by: CSUSTAN-CISL

How to light and adjust a Bunsen (or similar) burner, with a blooper (1:57 min)