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Stephen Hawking's Warning: Abandon Earth—Or Face Extinction Let's face it: The planet is heating up, Earth's population is expanding at an exponential rate, and the the natural resources vital to our survival are running out faster than we can replace them with sustainable alternatives. So, according to famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, it's time to free ourselves from Mother Earth. "I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space," "It will be...

ASC Kavli Video Contest Entry

Paula, Harry, and Geovanni tell us why they love science!

The Value of Science

submitted by: rsg0569

A minute long educational commercial showing the many ways that science positively effects our lives.

Distilling Survival

submitted by: sciencemovieman

When the asteroid Apophis strikes Earth (or so it seems) in 2036, two students respond to their instincts for survival by using what they have learned from science.

Neanderthals Don't Need Science

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The rare breed of humans living the Neanderthal life surely don't need science. Right?

"Why is science cool?"

Submission to the Kavli Foundation Science Video Competition

Science Knows It All!

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Science is anything, everything, and absolutely amazingly COOL!