Comets from Dry Ice

submitted by: jaylan

How to make a "comet" from dry ice.

Dry Ice Color Changers

submitted by: wildbilll


The Bend : A Speculation on History and Science

submitted by: hsrikm

The age of human civilization is given the name “the bend” based on a re-examination of the emergence of science, science theory content, and history.

San Diego Science Festival -- Video Recap

submitted by: sdscienccefestival

The San Diego Science Festival (SM) was organized by Larry Bock.

Here is a video recap of the event.

San Diego Science Festival is a registered California Service Mark of Science Spark

Cyberinfrastructure-intensive applications at the Palomar Observatory

submitted by: Monika

In this video, Scott Kardel of the California Institute of Technology describes cyberinfrastructure-intensive applications at the Palomar Observatory, with a specific focus on the new and exciting Palomar Transient Factory.

Does God Exist?

submitted by: islamforhumanity

If Quran is not from God(Allah) then who could have mentioned all these scientific facts in the Quran 1400 years ago which science have discovered recently?