submitted by: janes


An interactive, wiki-based paper

submitted by: juliana

This video shows a wiki-based paper that whose results not only can be reproduced, but readers can interactively explore them.

Lasers and Air Traffic Safety

submitted by: alexandertoet

The outdoor use of powerful lasers and bright lights may compromise air traffic safety by disrupting pilot vision.

Creating Reproducible and Verifiable Publications with VisTrails

submitted by: juliana

This video shows how the VisTrails system (http://www.vistrails.org) supports the creation provenance-rich publications, whose results can be reproduced and verified.

Impact of Mixture Chamber Gas on Direct-Drive Inertial Fusion Energy Targets

submitted by: RobertMartin
Robert Martin's PhD Defense from the University of California San Diego Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Martin developed a multi-component computational fluid dynamics algorithm to study the evolution of chamber gas between subsequent inertial fusion energy burns in a proposed powerplant design. He used these results to study the impact of chamber gas on direct-drive target survival and proposed a safe operating regime as well as a cold gas jet co-injection scheme to...

Quadrotor Simulation

submitted by: gimmechillout

Simple quadrotor simulation using PD control, visualized with Simulink 3D.