Particle Size Analyzer Aimsizer 2011 on Particle Size Analysis

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submitted by: aimsizer

Particle Size Analyzer Laser Diffraction Aimsizer 2011.

Velocity Distribution of Particles in Quasi-2D silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

Velocity distribution of polydisperse particles of 2 and 4mm particles poured down to a quasi-2D container.

Meeting discussion S. Godin and A. Rykov test generator Roshin-Godin

submitted by: iulian_b

Meeting dedicated to discussing the test generator Roshin-Godin:

Segregation Simulation in a 2D Silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

2 and 4 mm particles, 0.5 volume fraction

Relativistic Phase Displacement Space Drive - Warping Space Time with Phased Standing Waves

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

It is a brief explanation about a relativistic space propulsion system which uses a lattice/matrix of Phase Displacement Space Drives, producing crisscrossing pattern of Phased Standing Waves, to generate a sequence of spinning waves for causing a FTL moving force, in order to warp spacetime, enabling fast interstellar travel in an energy-efficient way.

Self-propelling, coalescing droplets II

submitted by: msellier

The video shows the coalescence of different fluid pairs. As the two droplets mix, a gradient in surface energy arises which breaks the symmetry of the system thereby inducing displacement which can transport small particles.