High-altitude Wind Energy Generation

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Sustainable energy generation is one of the most urgent challenges that mankind is facing nowadays. Many countries have set ambitious objectives to increase the share of energy produced from clean and renewable sources. Unfortunately, the actual renewables are still not competitive with respect to fossil fuels, due to the high costs of the related technologies, their variable and non-uniform availability and their low power density per unit area. Thus, a breakthrough would be needed in...

Phase-shift Plasma Turbine - Interplanetary Spaceflight

submitted by: MFerreiraJr
The Phase-shift Turbine consists of a set of concentric coils, axially rotated from each other, and feed by phased RF sources, producing radial and longitudinal sequences, which results in helical moving force, ionizing intake gas/particle/ion, generating continuous unidirectional thrust. It was designed in order to operate in atmospheric environments, mainly during takeoff, and in space to reuse exhaust gases from chemical rockets to booster the overall ISP, enhancing utilization of both...

Particle Size Analyzer Aimsizer 2011 on Particle Size Analysis

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submitted by: aimsizer

Particle Size Analyzer Laser Diffraction Aimsizer 2011.

Velocity Distribution of Particles in Quasi-2D silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

Velocity distribution of polydisperse particles of 2 and 4mm particles poured down to a quasi-2D container.

Meeting discussion S. Godin and A. Rykov test generator Roshin-Godin

submitted by: iulian_b

Meeting dedicated to discussing the test generator Roshin-Godin: http://n-t.ru/tp/ts/dms.htm

Segregation Simulation in a 2D Silo

submitted by: emreyildiz

2 and 4 mm particles, 0.5 volume fraction